Derby student gets head stuck in clothes horse

Fire service called to halls of residence to free trapped student

A student at the University of Derby had to be cut free by firefighters after being trapped in a clothes horse for over an hour.
Danielle Morgan, who lives in Sir Peter Hilton Court hall of residence, said she was “mucking about” in her flat mate’s bedroom when the incident occurred. Friends and staff at the halls tried to free her initially before eventually calling the fire service.
Miss Morgan, who is originally from North Wales fell off the bed when in her flat mate, Lisa Smith’s, room. The clothes horse then fell on her and the head went through the frame.
She had tried to move a quilt which had been drying on the horse.
Miss Morgan’s flat mate’s filmed and took photos of her while she was trapped and then while she was being released.
She said: “I phoned one of my friends from home when I was stuck in it and she just thought I was drunk.”
The 18-year-old was left with bruising on her neck and shoulder, but found the funny side of the accident.
“My friends just thought it was hilarious.
“I found it funny at first but after it got taken off I had a panic attack and the ambulance came out.”
Members of the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service used cutting equipment to free Miss Morgan, including bolt croppers.
Her flat mate Miss Smith said: “I don’t think they quite believed it to begin with.”

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