Peeping Tom in Ricky Road – The Courier – February 6th

Security guards removed a young male from Richardson Road after being discovered peeping into showers

A 14 year-old male was reprimanded in Richardson Road on Sunday night after he was found ‘peeping’ in on the showers from the fire escapes at the side of a block.
Two security guards chased the suspect through the Ricky Road accommodation site, one on foot and one in a designated University van.
He was eventually caught by the reception building and was detained until police arrived on the scene.  The male, who is believed to have been spotted on CCTV cameras in the area before, was then taken home to his parents in the back of a police car and issued a formal warning.
A witness to the chase said; “I saw this guy in a dark jacket come out og no where chased by someone in a high vis jacket. I didn’t really know what was going on.”His capture gives credit to the work of Estates and Security Service as well as the effectiveness of the extensive CCTV system that has been installed around the site.
The situation came at the beginning of a Carnage night, which normally presents some problems for the security. However, very few issues arose during the evening, meaning that staff had a rare quiet night.

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