Police reveal optimistic statistics

Student burglaries steadily decreasing in addition to arrests during Freshers declining from the previous year

Figures released by Northumbria Police Student Liason Officer Faye Paterson provide a sense of optimism for students.
During Freshers’ Fortnight this year, only 51 arrests were made in comparison to 76 in 2010, highlighting a possible improvement in student behavior. The most common arrests were based on drunk and disorderly behaviour, drug possession and various assault offences. The police also reported that during the most recent Carnage bar crawl, a popular event amongst students, there were no incidents and students appeared to be “good natured” according to Neighbourhood inspector Darren Sweeney.
Figures also show a decline in burglaries involving students. “[B]urglary has steadily declined over the past five years,” says Paterson. The last academic year saw 215 burglaries of student properties around the city, with 22 occurring in halls of residence. The majority were carried out in Jesmond and Heaton, accounting for over half of all the student burglaries last year.
Since the start of Freshers’ this year, 18 student properties across the city have been burgled, with one being at a hall of residence.
The typical items that are stolen from students are laptops, phones, MP3 players and game consoles, and occasionally car keys and cars.
One of the more negative figures is the problem of bike theft that still affects students. Last year, 258 students had their bikes stolen and so far this academic year, 49 have already been stolen.
“This tends to be because cyclists use cheap or chain style locks which are easily cut through with bolt cutters,” suggests Paterson.

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