Article about Milking for Evening Chronicle


MILKING Newcastle takes work avoidance to a whole new level. This group of students pour bottles of milk over their heads in public places in Newcastle – and it’s quickly become an internet hit.

The bizarre idea of ‘milking’ involves buying a bottle of milk and simply pouring it over your head.

Tom Morris, 22, who was behind the video said: “We were just in our kitchen talking about doing it outside Starbucks in Jesmond and thought it would be really funny.

“We did that, uploaded the video to Facebook and got a load of likes.

“So then we thought ‘why not just make a video’?”

The group of boys, a mixture of students and graduates, started filming around Newcastle on Monday and the video has become an instant hit. It looks like Milking Newcastle is set to go viral too, with students from Edinburgh, Nottingham and Cirencester Universities getting in touch to create their own ‘milking’ videos, and a #milkingnewcastle hashtag has started on Twitter too.

The students are now trying to turn it into a viral sensation – and are attempting to milk everything they can from their successes.

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