A foreign criminal applies for asylum in Britain EVERY DAY: More than 800 convicts applied for residency in the past two years despite having offences to their name

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Story was published on February 1, 2014

Read story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2525015/Two-foreign-criminals-apply-asylum-Britain-EVERY-DAY-More-800-convicts-applied-residency-past-year-despite-having-offences-name.html

One foreign criminal applies for asylum in Britain every day – raising concern that convicts from overseas are trying to take advantage of the system.

More than 800 crooks applied for residency in this country over the last two years, despite committing offences either in this country or abroad.

The statistics released by the Home Office show how convicts from overseas are looking for refuge in this country by taking advantage of human rights laws.

Detention: Immigrants are held in facilities like Colnbrook Immigration Reception Centre, near Heathrow, while their applications are processed

It comes after it was revealed that foreign prisoners were being released from prison early because officials assumed they would be deported when they were let out.

Shadow Minister for Immigration David Hanson MP said: ‘We need strong action to ensure that migrants who are here illegally or who break the law are removed from the country, but under this government 13 per cent fewer foreign criminals are being deported showing that the Government simply don’t have a grip on this problem.

‘The Home Secretary needs to ensure that the asylum system isn’t abused, that decisions are made efficiently with strong checks on criminal history when examining applications and when people shouldn’t be here they are removed quickly, but despite her empty rhetoric on the issue her record for the past four years shows this is simply not happening.’

Almost 20,000 foreigners have been allowed to stay in the last six years after claiming that deportation would breach their human rights.

Nearly 70,000 applied to stay once they had been detected, but only one in three were successful.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that 100 war criminals had applied for asylum in the UK in the last 12 months, with nearly 800 asking the UK Border Agency to remain in this country over the last eight years.

Human rights laws invariably mean that the worse their crimes in their homeland, the more difficult it is to send them home.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘It is in the public interest that foreign criminals are deported and we have introduced tough new rules to protect the public from those who try to stay here through abuse of the Human Rights Act.

‘Although all applications for asylum are stringently scrutinised, Parliament and the public are fed up with cases where foreign criminals are allowed to stay, or our family rules are undermined, because of an over generous interpretation of Article 8 by the courts.

‘Under the current system the winners are foreign criminals and immigration lawyers and the losers the victims of those crimes and the law-abiding public.

‘The Immigration Bill gives the full force of primary legislation to our policy that foreign criminals should ordinarily be deported despite their claim to a family life.’

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