EXCLUSIVE: US diplomat who abused child while posted abroad

Investigation for Daily Mail Online uncovered systematic neglect by a US consulate employee, read it here.

A US consulate employee stationed abroad had a child taken from his care because officials feared the minor was in danger following systematic abuse and neglect, Daily Mail Online has leaned.

Documents have exposed how the International Trade Administration staff member subjected the minor to shocking care while working abroad and living in a house owned by the government.

An investigation found the child was routinely underfed and encouraged to take their clothes off in the consulate residence so the man could allegedly take pictures of them naked.

At the time the unidentified employee also harassed female colleagues during his posting and used a government email address to meet women online.

But authorities have refused to reveal his identity, the name of the embassy where he served, or the punishment he received – and critically, whether he is still working for the government.

Revealed: A US consulate employee stationed abroad with the International Trade Administration (Washington D.C. headquarters pictured) abused a child in his care while stationed abroad 

Daily Mail Online obtained the damning documents after submitting a Freedom of Information request to the Department of Commerce’s Office of the Inspector General.

The report revealed the employee had shared custody of the child.

He would routinely forget to pick up the child from other consulate employees’ houses, left the minor at home alone and would only give them one apple to take for their school lunch.

He also took baths with the child, encouraging them to take their clothes off and would then take pictures of them while they were in a bath.

The child said the man would often walk around the house naked and would sometimes fall asleep nude in the same bed after tucking them in.

One minor, who was believed to have visited the house at the time of the abuse, claims they saw his penis ‘with and without skin’, and cannot recall whether they were made to touch it.

The documents revealed that as the systematic neglect unfolded, the man was having an affair with a dominatrix he met at an S&M club.

A forensic examination of his government-issued computer found that he had been sent nude pictures on his departmental email by female staff members.

He used the same official address to join online chat rooms where he would discuss sex with women he met online.

However when he was asked by investigators whether he used his government email or computer to receive pictures or talk about sex, he told them: ‘Not that I know of.’

He used the same email address to meet women online and talk about sex on chat rooms.

It is not known whether the employee was fired or subjected to criminal action. The sex and age of the child have also been kept confidential.

The multi-agency probe into his conduct began when the children came forward and accused him of sexual abuse. The sexual abuse allegations were never substantiated.

Officials from the Defense Security Service discussed the results of the investigation and decided to remove the child from the employee’s care as a result of the neglect.

They feared the youngster would be in danger if they remained in his care.

This meant the minor’s scheduled return to the posting in August 2012 would be delayed, so they could undergo a forensic psychological interview and assessment.

They were taken to the Armed Forces Center for Child Protection (CCP) at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, for questioning.

The child revealed the employee would bath and sleep with them naked while they were interviewed by officials from the The Armed Forces Center for Child Protection (CCP) at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland (pictured) 

The child did not disclose any sexual abuse, but did however reveal they had taken a bath with the subject in the summer of 2011.

In a follow-up interview with the CCP, the other child said the staff member would often walk around naked.

When the CCP asked if they had touched his penis, the child said it may have happened, but they couldn’t remember.

When asked, the child said he no longer wanted to live with the employee.

As a result of the interviews, the DSS acquired an international search warrant for his consulate residence, the location of which has been kept hidden by the documents.

They seized a number of devices – including computers, laptops and digital cameras from the property.

The electronics were then taken back to the United States in a diplomatic pouch to be investigated.

In September 2012, as a result of the investigation, the employee was permanently reassigned to Washington D.C following a request from an ambassador  – who believed his conduct would embarrass the United States if the host government knew what happened.

In January 2013, the DSS substantiated the claims of neglect based on the Department of State Foreign Affairs Manual, Standards for Appointment and Continued Employment.

An investigation into the use of his government-issued computer unearthed that he’d sent nude pictures by staff to his government-issued email (file picture)

According to the document the employee neglected the child by leaving them in consulate-assigned housing, not providing them adequate meals to take to school, excessively removing the child from school so he could socialize with children he met via the internet  and repeatedly failing to pick up the child from the homes of his colleagues.

When interviewed the employee lied about his actions, denying any of the sickening behavior.

The DSS found he had several emails proving he had harassed women working for the government in the undisclosed location.

When his computer was analysed, investigators found he had used his-government-issued email to meet women on the internet and talk about sex.

But when asked about the conversations, he brushed them aside as ‘general chit-chat’.

In total, he sent 1320 personal emails that had no bearing on his official duties, the document states.

The ITA and Department of Commerce both said they would not be adding anything beyond what was stated in the FOI document – meaning that they are treating as secret his name, the embassy where he served, and whether he was sacked.

The State Department would also not confirm whether the staffer was still employed by the U.S. Government.

If he had been charged with a criminal offense, it is likely his name would have been included in the document.

The ITA has representatives in 80 different countries and has offices in 100 US cities.

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